Strategies to Improve Comprehension: The benefits of small group instruction with Guided Reading

By: Carol Carmichael

Imagine that 25 children are sitting in your classroom with their eyes on you. Five minutes into the lesson, you realize that you’ve lost all but a few pairs of eyes. What’s wrong? Your lesson plan may be either too difficult or too easy for a handful of your students. What do you do? Try arranging your students in small groups and focusing your lesson plan with Ready to Go: Guided Reading, a complete guided reading program for comprehension strategies.

Why Small Groups?

Small group instruction enables you to focus on the skills your students need the most. If you have a few students who need help with a particular comprehension strategy, then you can work on those skills during their small group time. For students who have mastered that strategy but may need help on a different strategy, small group time allows for more focused instruction. When you have a smaller number of students in one group, you can better meet their individual learning needs. With help from Ready to Go: Guided Reading, you can enhance your guided reading lesson plans. These books help you easily identify name the areas of comprehension that each student should concentrate on a little more.

Guided Reading

You can take learners from their current skill level and give them the tools to go further. Guided reading is a focused and purposeful form of reading instruction. Guided reading groups use various comprehension strategies and follow-up activities to improve comprehension while reviewing the basics: scanning for meaning, word study, reading, using text features and rereading. With Carson-Dellosa’s Ready to Go: Guided Reading series, you can choose a comprehension strategy to meet your groups’ needs. For instance, if you want to help children connect their background knowledge with texts, use the Connection leveled readers. Each book includes six, leveled for below-, on-, and above-level readers. This allows you to differentiate, meet individual student’s needs, and help students improve their overall comprehension skills. Carson-Dellosa’s other leveled readers focus on the Summarizing, Inferring, and Questioning comprehension strategies.

Carson-Dellosa Eases Your Workload

The Ready to Go: Guided Reading Series books are great for guided reading groups. They save you time and energy because everything you need is right there and ready to use. The series includes 12 different books, four for each grade, to choose from: Connect, Infer, Question, and Summarize. Each 80-page book features 36 readers—six copies of six nonfiction topics. Each nonfiction reader offers short, high-interest text on a theme, plus nonfiction text features such as callout boxes, photographs, charts, and maps. This helps to integrate learning across the curriculum. Each book also includes discussion guides for the readers, a guided reading model, a graphic organizer, and a recording sheet. These readers are recommended for grades 1–6.