St. Patrick's Day Fun in the Classroom

St. Patrick's Day Fun in the Classroom

Posted by By Payton Dockery on Jan 31st 2023

Classroom wall decorated with St. Patrick's Day cutouts and letters

St. Patrick’s Day may only be one day a year, but as teachers, we can make the fun last a lot longer! There are many great activities that you can do in your classroom, some that you can incorporate with curriculum topics, and some just for fun!

For Curriculum Integration:

  • Read both fiction and nonfiction books related to St. Patrick’s Day. You can choose books that match your grade level and that allow you to practice your current reading content through the read-alouds. My students always love it when I “attempt” to sound like the leprechauns in the stories!
  • Create a “map” to find the gold under the rainbow. Students can draw a map to find that elusive pot of gold and include a map key/legend, a compass rose, and any other map elements related to your social studies standards.

Just for Fun:

  • Have a “leprechaun” visit your classroom each evening and cause some mischief for your students to find in the morning. Classroom items can be rearranged, little leprechaun footprints can show up on the floor (green tempera paint works great and will easily wash away), or any other kind of havoc you can think of for the leprechaun to cause! You can even leave notes from the leprechaun on your board; I write with my opposite hand so the students can’t tell it's my writing!
  • Find videos on Discovery Education or other approved school video sites and show your children some Irish dancing. You might even have the students try some moves out, too.
  • Share the luck by cutting out some shamrocks and have them write positive messages to other teachers, family members, and classmates. You can then deliver them in secret so that the “leprechauns” can leave positive encouragement for others that let them know how “lucky” each student feels to know them! Carson Dellosa provides some super cute shamrock classroom cutouts, but you can also use rainbow cutouts to stay on theme, too! 

St. Patrick’s Day Free Printables

Another great, FREE way to incorporate St. Patrick’s Day into your classroom is with free printables. These printables can be used for a variety of subjects, like math and reading, and are sure to make your St. Patrick's Day lesson plans more engaging and interactive. From Lucky Clovers addition and subtraction to St. Patrick’s-themed figurative language activities, there is something for nearly every grade level and subject area.

If you’re looking for more fun learning activities for your students, there are also tons of free holiday-themed arts and crafts like creating patterned shamrocks, fun puzzles and games like pot of gold mazes, and so much more! You can even pass out free incentives for students that let them know how much they sham-rock, that they can decorate themselves to display in the classroom or at home.

There’s a rainbow of engaging learning opportunities when it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Share in the festive fun while allowing your students to express themselves through creativity, critical thinking skills, and by bringing some (lucky) charm to your learning space. Wishing you all the LUCK!