8 Fun Classroom Ideas for Post-Testing

8 Fun Classroom Ideas for Post-Testing

Posted by Jenna Cicero on Feb 13th 2023

Standardized test and pencil on elementary classroom desk

Standardized testing is mandated in all 50 states for public K-12 schools that expect to receive funding, but the ways that the tests are administered (and the actual material) vary. The one thing that’s universal? Testing season is draining for students and teachers alike.

The required assessments are unavoidable; but with the right attitude, both educators and test-takers can come out smiling. Take a look at a few ways teachers can infuse some life back into the classroom with activities to do during standardized testing week as well as fun post testing activities that give students a chance to recharge and get excited about upcoming lessons.

1. Go Outside

Children playing outside after taking standardized tests

Standardized tests are mundane and sterile, and distractions are understandably limited. So, once the final answers are turned in, get your students outside. If the weather is an issue, talk with school officials about renting out the gym or another open-space area. Give the students space to run and breathe fresh air before they move on to another academic task. The change of scenery will likely do you a lot of good, too!

2. Get Crafty

Children playing with arts and crafts after test-taking

No matter what age(s) your students are, a craft or project will help them to blow off some steam after standardized test taking. Assign a fun, easy project, or give them the tools and let them come up with their own designs. Need some specific ideas? Check out this Pinterest board with post-test craft and activity ideas.

Free hands-on resources are also a great way to incorporate fun activities after standardized testing, from crafts and snack-making (and eating!) to puzzles and games. You can even incorporate students’ love for building and creating with STEM after testing worksheets and exciting yet easy science experiments.

3. Incorporate Music

Children laughing and playing with musical instruments post test-taking

Have you ever noticed how quickly the right song puts you in a great mood? Create an upbeat playlist and throw a dance party in your classroom. If you have a lot of students who are musically inclined, host an impromptu talent show. Give students a stage to sing, play, or just dance their energy out.

4. Plan a Field Trip

Students, teachers and parents on a field trip in a museumOnce you know your field trip allocations for the year, try to plan one soon after testing takes place. Your students are already out of their typical academic routine, making it a great time to do something of the ordinary – like a fun field trip off campus.

5. Watch a Movie

Bagged popcorn in a basket ready for students to take it after testing

If you’re looking for easy or more relaxing activities to do after standardized testing, make popcorn and bring in a favorite movie for students to enjoy. If you are reading a book in class, find the movie version to supplement the learning process. Aim for a title that is lighthearted or funny to bring a positive vibe to the post-test classroom.

6. Play Board/Card Games

Educational games including dice and game pieces

Pull out some educational games for kids and let them compete in a way that won’t feel like learning at all. You can even let them know about the idea in advance, and have the students bring in their favorite games from home. Encourage students to bring in educational puzzles to share, too. Want to get them up and moving? Create a scavenger hunt around the classroom or the playground with a reward at the end.

7. Volunteer

Students and teachers volunteering in the community

Look for a meaningful project your students can complete that contributes to the bigger picture. It can take place in class or out in the local community; connect your students to causes that matter. Participating in activities that help people, animals, or the environment is a great stress reliever and helps to put everything else in life (like maybe a recent stressful exam) back into perspective.

8. Allow Free Choice

Student playing on iPad after finishing standardized test

Allow your students an allotted amount of time to do basically whatever they want – within reason. Let them play with toys, read, play with apps on classroom computers or tablets, or simply play with one another. This is another great idea to let kids know about in advance so that they can bring their own items from home if they’d like, and gives them an opportunity to choose post testing activities they can personally enjoy.

A lot of time and energy is put into standardized testing for both you and your students. There are so many fun activities to do after state testing to reward students for all their hard work. Not only does it give them a chance to reset, but it gives you some much-needed time, too!