A Sweet 2022 Valentine’s Day Celebration

A Sweet 2022 Valentine’s Day Celebration

Posted by By Stephanie Schultz on Feb 22nd 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day Banner Decorated with Balloons

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate kindness and spread love in the classroom! Use these learning resources, classrooms decorations, and activities to create a loving learning space this February.

Classroom Activities Children Will Love

Collection of Valentine's Day Themed Classroom Stickers

Typically in school, we prepare to celebrate using assorted stickers to create our own Valentine’s Boxes. Students bring in shoeboxes at the beginning of the week to wrap red, pink, purple, or white construction paper around them. Afterwards, they can decorate them by using festive stickers like Multicolor Hearts or Valentine's Day Motivational sticker sets, or fun boho labels like the Rainbows & Hearts cut-out set. To add some even more love, you can even use heart-themed borders to decorate around the edges to make each shoebox pop!

Brown Bags Decorated with Valentine's Day Themed Classroom Décor

If you don’t want to use shoeboxes, here’s an alternative that I like to call Brown Bag Valentines! To make brown bag valentines with your class, first write each student’s name in the middle of the bag. Then, set out materials on each table to let students decorate their bag with stickers, paper hearts, markers, and more. Lastly, you can line up the bags on a table or in the hallway outside of your classroom door and let students go down the line to put one item in each bag. It is always the sweetest thing to see children open their valentines from friends at our school party!

What is Kindness Valentine's Day Classroom Activity

Another favorite classroom tradition to spread kindness is with a compliment chain! First, we talked about how to spread kindness and brainstormed a Kindness Chart together. Then, we discussed what a compliment is, and how to give a quality compliment to someone. To make our compliment chain, every child wrote a compliment about another friend in our class on a strip of paper. I linked them together to make a complete class compliment chain for all to see. After hanging the class chain as a decoration for Valentine’s Day, I make sure to send each strip of paper home with each student at the end of the holiday so they may enjoy their compliments from their classmates!

Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Cutouts

You can also have your students create compliment cards by writing each student’s name on a colorful heart bulletin board cutout and letting them write compliments or draw a thoughtful picture around that child’s name. You can even include a sweet message so your students know their teacher appreciates them! If you are teaching virtually, you can also send these compliment cards to your students through snail mail, or send a virtual hug to show your love for each of your students.

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids Book

If you’re still looking for some fun ideas to incorporate an interactive activity into your lesson plan, look no further than the Valentine’s Day Gifts Craft book! With seven different DIY gift activities for children like Candy Heart Frames or Felt Valentines Envelopes, each craft gives children the opportunity to create a Valentine’s Day gift that their friends and family will love. In addition to these lovely activities, the book also features an index and glossary to help students develop their reading comprehension skills.

Valentine’s Day Learning Resources

Valentine's Day Free Word Search Worksheet

This year, make Valentine’s Day a holiday for both loving and learning! Our free Valentine’s Day worksheets are ready to print and cover a number of subjects like math, social studies, science, and more. For example, you can teach students graphing with the Graphing Hidden Pictures: Valentine’s Hearts activity, or practice reading and phonics skills with a Valentine’s Day word search that has students read out loud and find words in a fun heart illustrations.

These free resources go beyond the lesson plan. Not only can you add some Valentine’s Day zest to your curriculum, but you can to your learning space too! Use the free February Calendar to plan out your month while staying festive, or have children practice their fine motor skills by coloring their very own Valentine’s Day hearts to decorate the classroom with.

Life Through My Lens: I See Love Book for Children

If you’re looking to add to your reading curriculum during this holiday, check out the newly released and beloved I See Love book. This text helps teach children about inclusivity by examining four different people with unique backgrounds and how they experience love. Featuring vibrant photographs, reading tips and questions, and fun activities, this book is the perfect addition to any reading comprehension lesson plan for young readers.

Loving Classroom Decorations

There is no better learning space than one that promotes love! For Valentine’s Day this year, create a classroom theme that not only fits the theme of this unique holiday, but also shows students that they are loved and cared for.

Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Set, bulletin board cutouts, Bulletin Board Letters and bulletin Board Borders

Add some Valentine’s Day flair to your classroom with a variety of classroom borders, ranging from vibrant red scalloped borders that will make your learning space pop, to Groovy Hearts straight borders that celebrate the holiday while also fitting into your classroom décor theme.

If you’re looking for a versatile classroom decoration, look no further than these Valentine’s Day cut-outs! Use the Watermelon Bulletin Board Letters to create welcoming messages with vibrant letters and numbers, each coming pre-punched to hang on bulletin boards, classroom walls, doors, and more. Mini-sized Hearts bulletin board cutouts also add a lovely sparkle to the learning environment. Each 36-piece set includes a variety of designs and offers a number of uses, from creating engaging classroom labels to heart-felt cubby tags.

Finally, add some love to the centerpiece of most learning environments, the classroom bulletin board. The Valentine’s Day mini bulletin board set includes Valentine-themed vignettes, a number of heart accents, and a Happy Valentine’s Day header to celebrate this special holiday. On top of that, there’s also a resource guide included to help students develop their writing skills and teach them to think creatively. In addition to this, check out our variety of free Valentine's Day classroom decorations, including the Farmhouse Valentine's Day Heart Cutouts. These free pieces of décor can be used anywhere in your learning space, and are guaranteed to bring love to your classroom and seamlessly fit into your design theme. 

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to create a loving learning space! Between fun and engaging Valentine’s Day crafts and activities, and loving pieces of classroom decorations to create a lovely feel in your learning space, there’s no shortage of ways to show students that they are loved and cared for.