Social Skills


Learning tools designed to meet the needs of special learners and unlock the potential of every child.

Key Education offers supplemental special education materials designed to support the learning needs of special learners. These learning tools provide help with communication, behavior management, emotions, social skills, and life skills. Featuring hands-on games and puzzles, photographic learning cards, teacher resource books, workbooks, and more, these products support learning in special education, inclusion, and general education classrooms.

Communication Folder

The Communication Folder is the perfect way to offer support to students who need help with executive function (organization, memory, self-control). Teachers or students can fill it each morning with new daily schedules, reminders, rules, goals, homework, behavior strategies, and more.

Photo Conversation Cards

Photo Conversation Cards contains 89 real-photo cards with social stories to discuss specific social situations and possible actions or reactions—perfect for children on the autism spectrum!

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