Spectrum Addition Workbook Grade K eBook


Spectrum Addition Workbook Grade K eBook

96 pages
Grade K / Ages 5-6
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Solid math skills and proper math development add up to a successful math journey. Spectrum® Addition for kindergarten uses a systematic approach and focused instruction to develop addition skills using numbers one through ten—the perfect start to math readiness.

Aligned to state standards, Spectrum Addition for kindergarten includes activities such as using visual models to represent problems, equation writing, strategies for making 10, and fluency drills.

The Spectrum series offers early learning workbooks that help your child thrive in today’s standards-based classroom. Spectrum Addition builds math readiness with rigorous practice. This resource provides focused instruction and a systematic approach to skill development for concept mastery.

Spectrum is your child’s path to academic success. This best-selling workbook series provides quality educational activities that meet your child’s needs for learning achievement. These comprehensive workbooks address essential skills in reading, language arts, math, and science. Students in prekindergarten to grade 8 will find lessons and exercises that help them progress through increasingly difficult subject matter.

No matter your child’s academic need, Spectrum is with you every step of the way.



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