Investigating Second Grade Workbook Grade 2 eBook

Investigating Second Grade Workbook Grade 2 eBook

256 pages
Grade 2 / Ages 7-8
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Investigating Second Grade keeps children engaged in math and language arts with a fun-filled second grade mystery-themed workbook.

The Investigating Second Grade workbook encourages kids to use math and language arts skills while finding clues and solving cases. This educational mystery workbook covers skills such as:

  • grammar
  • spelling
  • counting

Add a fresh twist to standards-based learning with this mystery series!

Creative kids need creative workbooks—Investigating Second Grade is the perfect fit! This series goes beyond the typical “skill-and-drill” to provide children with activities that appeal to their inner detectives. With over 200 unique activities, a special Detective’s Notebook, and a mystery story, Investigating Second Grade challenges children to read an intriguing “whodunit” story to find evidence and solve mysteries.

Investigating Second Grade isn’t your typical math and language arts activity workbook—it’s an entertaining alternative for standards-based learning. Perfect for developing critical thinking, language arts, and math skills, this series captivates kids with an unconventional learning adventure!


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