Ecology: Interactions in the Biosphere Workbook Grade 5-12 eBook (PDF)

Ecology: Interactions in the Biosphere Workbook Grade 5-12 eBook (PDF)

48 pages
Grade 5-12 / Ages 10-18
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Keep your middle school and high school students informed of local and global issues affecting the environment with this Ecology workbook.

In the Ecology: Interactions in the Biosphere science book, students will learn about the biotic factors (living things) and the abiotic factors (nonliving things) that interact to affect life on Earth. This science book supports the National Science Education Standards.

Students will explore environmental topics including acid rain, the greenhouse effect, and biomes, and will reflect on population studies in this science book that includes:
• Water Cycle, Oxygen-Carbon Dioxide Cycle, and Nitrogen Cycle illustrations
• Vocabulary study guide
• Unit test for assessing mastery of ecology material
• Research activities and ecology projects

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