Math Projects Resource Book Grade 5-8 eBook (PDF)

Math Projects Resource Book Grade 5-8 eBook (PDF)

64 pages
Grade 5-Grade 12 / Ages 10-14
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Provide real-world math application to students in grades 5 and up with Math Projects!

Leveled easy, average, and challenging, the activities in this 64-page math resource book use examples from daily life to reinforce math concepts.

From designing a playground to creating a family budget, these individual, partner, and small-group projects promote creative problem solving.

Students compute, read, write, and utilize social and artistic skills with the more than 50 projects, such as:

  • comparing prices and ingredients of cereals
  • designing the perfect classroom
  • developing a summer business
  • calculating the percent of commercial time on TV
  • planning a garden
  • planning a vacation

Aligned to the Common Core State Standards, NCTM standards, and national and Canadian provincial standards.