EZ-Spin: Addition Facts Manipulative Grade K-2

EZ-Spin: Addition Facts Manipulative Grade K-2

18 wheels
Grade K-2 / Ages 5-8
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Help students practice addition facts by using fun curriculum cut-outs.

Foster the home-to-school connection and provide fun ways to practice addition facts with these fun math wheels. The EZ-Spin: Addition Facts curriculum cut-outs set includes 18 two-piece addition fact wheels (5.25" x 5.25"), including +0 to +12, strategies like doubles, and several mixed practice sets.

Hands-on manipulatives and curriculum cut-outs keep students engaged while learning important concepts. Math Wheels can be used during whole-class instruction, independent practice, and small-group instruction. These manipulatives can also be taken home for additional math practice.

Brass paper fasteners not included.