It just might be their
favorite 15 minutes of the day.

Every day, a learning adventure awaits.

Summer Bridge Activities® research-supported products build a bridge of learning opportunities—from school to home and back again! Daily activities engage children in quick fifteen-minute active learning adventures—a chance to tap into curiosity, apply knowledge, explore creativity, connect with others, and be ready for a new school year! Summer Bridge Activities just might be their favorite fifteen minutes of the day.

Group of young children huddled together using a magnifying glass to examine grass, flowers, and insects in a jar in summer.
#1 teacher recommended workbook for summer learning.

Shopping for Your School?

Summer Bridge® Essentials Backpack

From beloved children’s books to activity-packed workbooks and flash card fun, each Summer Bridge Essentials Backpack features a variety of engaging resources stored in a durable drawstring bag to engage English and Spanish learners and their families all summer long.

Summer Bridge Activities® Spanish Workbooks

Perfect for your English as a second language (ESL) learner, each workbook features Spanish instructions and lessons to help Spanish-speaking families work alongside their child. Activities that are designed to help students learn English concepts feature English translations in parentheses, with activities pertaining to learning English written in English with Spanish instruction.

Happy boy in wheelchair smiling with excitement outdoors in summer.
Turn Summer Break Into Summer Learning Fun
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Keep the Learning Going

Make summer learning fun for kids with the all-new, FREE Summer Bridge Activities® App for grades 3–5.

From road trips and car rides to downtime during summer break, the Summer Bridge Activities® App takes kids on a fun, 30-day activity-packed journey. Download the app to start your learning adventure today!

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