Proven instructional method teaches and reinforces concepts as students progress towards mastery. Updated and optimized for today's college- and career-ready classroom.


Systematic instruction to help students master grade-specific math skills.

From fractions and word problems to geometry and basic math, the Spectrum® math workbooks and flash cards cover a variety of standards-based math skills. Ideal for enhancing and reinforcing homeschool or classroom learning, this teacher-recommended math series is a favorite for math tutors and in-home instructors.

 Language Arts

Challenge students to be clear communicators and confident readers.

Elevate communication and comprehension skills at home or in the classroom with Spectrum® language arts workbooks and flash cards. This best-selling series provides students with challenging, standards-based practice in spelling, vocabulary, reading, writing, and more.


Encourage a love for science with fascinating facts and compelling passages.

Help students master key concepts with captivating passages and comprehension questions. A perfect complement to homeschool or classroom learning, Spectrum® science workbooks for grades 3–8 explore fascinating topics and provide standards-based challenges to improve scientific literacy while strengthening inquiry skills.

 Test Prep / Practice

Achieve test success with challenging, standards-based practice.

Prepare for testing at home or in the classroom with Spectrum® test prep grade-specific workbooks. Spectrum® Test Prep provides strategy-based activities in math and ELA to encourage critical thinking and improve the reasoning skills students need for assessment success. Spectrum® Test Practice offers an authentic test-taking experience with comprehensive practice tests for ELA and math. You can use these standards-based series together or separately to strengthen test-taking skills.

 Social Studies

Improve navigation skills while strengthening reading comprehension.

From continents to communities, Spectrum® social studies workbooks cover a lot of ground! Spectrum® Geography for grades 3–6 provides maps, illustrations, and directions to strengthen geography skills while reinforcing essential nonfiction comprehension skills.

 Early Learning

Help early learners develop fundamental skills for success.

Spectrum® early learning workbooks and flash cards help young learners start their academic adventure with confidence. Filled with age-appropriate practice for basic readiness, this best-selling series engages children as they strengthen foundational skills for success.

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