Write-Along With J.P. Miller

Write-Along With J.P. Miller

Feb 22nd 2022

You’ve done a read-along, now how about a write-along?

J.P. Miller in a gym discussing immersion technique in writing

This season, join award-winning author J.P. Miller as she creates her latest Leaders Like Us title featuring a Black leader who YOU helped choose! The votes have been counted, and gymnast and gold-medal winner Gabby Douglas will be the subject of J.P.’s next title in the Leaders Like Us series.

Understanding how to research a subject is an important skill for a writer. Knowing where to go, what to look for, and who and what to trust is an important skill when learning about anything.  Join J.P. at her favorite local learning destination (the library!) to find out more about how she researched her new Leaders Like Us title, Gabby Douglas.

Can you imagine how Gabby Douglas felt the first time she stepped into a gymnastics studio? Did the mats and floors feel squishy below her feet? Did she hear whirling fans and floor routine music? Did she gaze in awe at the balance beam and uneven bars? To write a great biography,  J.P. immerses herself in the subject and tries to discover how they may have felt at a certain point in time or during a certain situation. 

When you are writing about important people like Gabby Douglas, doing research is a very important step in the process. Mentor texts are a perfect resource to help plan how you will write. Do you only want to write the facts about the person, or do you want to write about how the person thinks, feels, and how others perceive them? Do you want the text to flow like a poem, or read more formally like a book report? Watch J.P.’s video to learn more about how she used mentor texts to make a plan for her new Leaders Like Us title about Gabby Douglas.

Following alongside J.P. Miller during her writing process has been exciting so far, and made a lot of us wonder: how do Rourke authors like J.P. Miller even become authors? In the case of J.P., work-for-hire was the process that worked for her! If you've ever been interested in how the process of writing for a company like Carson Dellosa starts, you can watch our video with J.P. Miller to get the inside scoop on how she came to be a part of our family of authors and creators. 

What’s the next step in J.P. Miller’s writing process? Stay tuned to learn more about how J.P. is writing the next installment of her Leaders Like Us series!

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