Winter Art Projects

Winter Art Projects

Posted by By Valerie Payan on Jan 1st 2020

Winter provides so many ideas for hands-on projects. From making snowflakes to building miniature trees, check out some of the ways you get creative during the cold, winter months:


Materials needed: coffee filters, construction paper, glue, and glitter

Snowflakes are so beautiful, and they also happen to be one of my favorite art projects to make during the winter season. Not only is this a fun hands-on activity, but it’s also a great project if students need a confidence builder because every snowflake is unique—just like them! Simply fold the coffee filter a few times (so it looks like a slice of pie) and start cutting on the folded edge. Then, unfold the filter to reveal a one-of-a-kind snowflake! The next step is to glue the coffee filter to the construction paper. Ask your students to cut the construction paper around the coffee filter so it is round. Then allow each student to adorn their snowflake with glitter, marker, and/or any other fun embellishment you’ve supplied them with. Glitter adds that magic touch that everyone loves. You can also use glitter pens if you don’t want the mess.

Get Twiggy

Materials needed: twigs, glue, construction paper (light blue would be best)

Another fun activity is creating a tree out of twigs. Go on a nature walk with your class and have students observe their surroundings—especially the tress. Have them look at how the branches intertwine with each other and how they split into a variety of directions. Then have students collect twigs for their art project. Using the twigs, have students glue them onto a light blue construction paper. They can then use a paint brush (or their finger) to paint snow around their tree.


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