Summer DIY Learning Opportunities

Summer DIY Learning Opportunities

By Leigh Ann Pernell on Jan 2nd 2020

School may be closed, but kids’ minds are always open. Summer break is the perfect time to read, write, problem solve, paint, build, explore, engineer, create, and kick summer learning loss to the curb. Carson Dellosa has a wide array of products that will help keep your kids’ learning alive this summer. Check these out:

Simple science explorations are a must for summer learning. Ooey Gooey Science is filled with ideas that will challenge kids thinking while they have fun exploring. Whether they are creating a Pop Bottle Lava Lamp or engineering a Balloon Powered Racer, your young scientists will have a blast with these captivating investigations.

Spend quality time together playing games that build focus, attention, and critical thinking. Carson Dellosa has a variety of puzzles and games that delight the toughest audience and develop strategic thinking along the way.

Challenge your kids with diverse hands-on learning activities that stimulate creativity, reasoning, and problem solving. STEM Challenges keeps kids engaged and thinking while developing their interest in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Give your growing mathematicians a daily invitation to build their logical thinking with Math 4 Today. These resources provide a variety of opportunities to enhance essential skills. By taking just a few minutes a day, you can keep kids’ mathematical thinking sharp, develop problem solving strategies, and build confidence for the school year ahead.

Creative Kids Zone Activity Books are a compilation of stories, crafts, and games that integrate literacy, math, science, and art for optimal fun and learning. This wonderful combination of projects will keep kids engrossed in quality activities that are both entertaining and educational.

Summer Bridge Activities will help young learners get a jump on the upcoming school year. These materials are filled with quick valuable exercises that allow kids to review essential skills and deepen understanding in the comfort of home.

Read! Read! Read! Create that love for literature by reading to and with your children. Reading should be a joyful gift, so treasure that time with your kids. Check out some of these great storybooks and readers that you can enjoy together.

Design a do it yourself learning zone where you can inspire your children. Stock the spot with a variety of books, paper, pencils, crayons, markers, glue, games, and craft items. Take a few minutes out of each long summer day and spend quality time with your growing scholars. Be the DIY catalyst that keeps learning alive and empowers kids for the new school year ahead.