How to Prevent the Summer Brain Drain

How to Prevent the Summer Brain Drain

Posted by By Leigh Ann Pernell on Jun 26th 2020

Keep children learning during the summerWho would have thought we would have spent the last few months practicing social distancing and learning from home? Now it is time for summer break and worry begins to set in as we wonder — what’s next? But, don’t panic, there are many ways to keep your kids busy and entertained while also preventing summer brain drain. Here are a few tips to help you keep learning alive — even during this pandemic!

Prevent your child from brain drain this summer

Read every day. 

The more that you read – the more you will grow – so read together every day! Your good modeling builds interest, boosts vocabulary, and allows your child to make meaningful connections between a text and real-life experiences. Many libraries are offering free virtual reading opportunities, so check them out and enjoy some good literature together.

Keep kids learning this summer

Problem solve.

A daily math challenge will keep those dendrites firing. Make sure your young mathematicians give more than just a quick answer by having them explain the strategies they used to find solutions.

  • Some great suggestions:
    • Recipes. Have them help with making chocolate chip cookies or a family-favorite recipe. Fractions, measurements, counting—everything is there to make this a yummy math activity!
    • Groceries. Make a trip to the grocery store a fun learning experience by allowing your kids to count the items (like how many bananas are in a bunch) or add up totals. To give your budding mathematicians a little more of a challenge, try incorporating coupons. Don’t forget to wear your masks!
    • Real Life Math. Daily chores provide great opportunities to build math problem solving skills. Sort the laundry, organize toys by how they are alike or different, or tally how many jumping jacks you can do in 30 seconds. Make the minutes count and challenge children to clean their rooms with a timer going. Encourage them to go for a record time with each new attempt.

Take fun day trips to keep children learning during the summer

Take fun virtual trips. 

Exploring museums, factories, farms and other local attractions are usually great summer activities, but until these destinations are open again, take a virtual trip. Most of these spots have equipped their websites with virtual opportunities to keep interest alive in the wonderful opportunities they have to offer young learners.

Play games with kids to prevent summer learning loss

Play games.

There are numerous skills that are enhanced through the playing of board and card games. Counting, reading, devising strategies, as well as learning to win or lose gracefully are skills that can be groomed through a family game night.

Explore STEM activities this summer with children

Explore STEAM activities.

Working with science, technology, engineering, art, and math activities can help to inspire creativity and meaningful learning. 

  • Here are some fun hands-on suggestions:
    • Bubbles. If your kids like to play with bubbles, have them experiment with different bubble solutions (made with different soaps, etc.) to make the biggest bubbles possible.
    • Float away. Have your kids make boats to take to the pool or bath time. From old soda bottles or to-go containers from last week’s dinner, there’s a bunch of things around the house that can be used for float construction. They can even build floats for their action figures!

Carson Dellosa's Summer Learning Resources

At Carson Dellosa, we offer a variety of materials that will help to keep learning alive during the summer months. Here are a few great choices:

Summer Bridge Activities

Keep growing minds active with fun projects that will help prepare children for the school year ahead. In just 15 minutes per day, this series keeps the fun and sun in summer break. Featuring hands-on activities that can be done anywhere, the contents of Summer Bridge Activities are great for keeping kids actively engaged in meaningful learning.

Grab and Go STEM Challenges are great for summer

STEM Challenges

Young learners will be inspired by hands-on challenges that offer diverse learning opportunities. These fun activities stimulate creativity, reasoning, and problem solving, while also helping kids to develop a strong interest in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Prevent the dreaded summer brain drain by providing your child with opportunities to build their brain power at home. Learning should be an ongoing quest and you can be the catalyst that sparks your child’s journey as a lifelong learner even in the midst of these challenging circumstances.