Fun Halloween Boo-sters For Your Classroom!

Fun Halloween Boo-sters For Your Classroom!

Posted by Tommy Switzgable on Feb 22nd 2022

Spooky season is officially here! With Halloween just around the corner, teachers all around the world are using this kid-loved holiday as a way to provide fun and engaging lessons to students of all ages, as well as decorate their classroom to create a learning space that stays in the spirit of the season. To help prepare for this exciting time of year in the classroom, here are some of our favorite Halloween-themed resources, pieces of décor, and more that are guaranteed to be a treat this Halloween!

Free Resources That Are A Treat

There’s nothing sweeter than free classroom resources (except maybe the candy!). If you are looking for fun activities to add to your lesson plan this Halloween season, we offer tons of free printables that cover a variety of subjects, topics, and grade levels. Students will love activities such as creating their own haunted house, writing a ghostly tale, spooky word searches, and so much more.

Students in classroom dressed in costumes working on Free Carson Dellosa Halloween Printables

Monster-Sized Learning Activities

There’s no doubt that students love this time of year, making it the perfect opportunity to integrate new educational activities into your curriculum that are both engaging and exciting. The Halloween Holiday Printable Collection provides a number of seasonal science, math, and language arts activities, including synonym word searches, spooky STEM activities, and more. This set of reproducible activities is correlated to state standards and available for kindergarten through grade 5.

Spooky activities do not just have to stay in the classroom. My Take-Along Halloween Tablets keep students entertained during the Halloween season from just about anywhere, with 64 pages of fun, on-the-go activities. From apple picking mazes to skeleton-themed matching games, this tablet keeps children engaged while practicing essential skills.

Spooky (And Fun!) Classroom Décor

While adding spooky and engaging activities to your lesson plan is a great way to get kids excited about the holiday, decorating your learning space for Halloween is half the fun, too! Make your classroom pop this year by adding black and orange scalloped borders to your bulletin boards and learning displays. If you’re thinking ahead for future decorative ideas, check our our reversible Halloween/Holiday straight borders that have vibrant pumpkins and ghosts on the front, and fun Christmas-themed illustrations on the back.

Cut-outs are another way to transform your classroom into the perfect Halloween learning space. Use fun seasonal decorations like die-cut pumpkin shapes to add flair to your bulletin boards, doors, or windows while still maintaining your personal vision for classroom design. You can also use the pumpkin cut-outs to play a number of counting, matching, and sorting games to reinforce memorization and different math topics, too! They can also be used as classroom crafts, by having children create fun name tags or flash cards out of them as well!

A great way to get kids into the Halloween spirit is with vibrant and fun Halloween sticker packs that include festive designs like ghosts, monsters, pumpkins, and more! Use Halloween stickers to reward students on a job well done, or incorporate them as fun giftables in a trick-or-treat bags to stay true to the spirit of the holiday while also motivating students.

Get Creative With DIY Halloween Activities!

While Halloween is known for its spooky celebrations and candy traditions, it is also the perfect time of year for many DIY activities! Reinforce math skills by bringing in candy corn and playing a counting game that is both fun and sweet! Another great idea for a fun DIY activity would be to have students paint little pumpkins to boo-st their creativity skills. You can even make a contest to see whose pumpkin is the spookiest, silliest, or most creative. Having students take on fun crafts is a great way to help teach fine motor skills while creating spooky designs to share with their families!

School children in Halloween costumes reading "How to Be Friends with This Werewolf"

Great Halloween Boo-ks

Halloween is one of the best times of the school year to introduce young children to the magic of reading and provide them with books that give lifelong lessons and help expand their appreciation for storytelling. In the book How to Be Friends with This Werewolf, students learn how to create lasting friendships with others who may not necessarily be like them. This easy-to-read children’s book is a great introduction for beginner readers to develop basic reading skills, learn about empathy, and engage their creativity with the help of friendly mythical creatures in a fun and thoughtful way. Another great example is Trick or Treat, a fun book that features vivid illustrations of monsters that children dress up as for the holiday. Also available in Spanish, students can use this text as inspiration for their costumes, as well as an entertaining and engaging way to develop new vocabulary.

There are plenty of other Halloween-themed nonfiction books that are great additions to social studies curriculums. In the book Halloween, students learn about the history and traditions of this unique holiday, as well as how people celebrate it from all over the world! Featuring bolded glossary words to help expand vocabulary and post-reading questions to help further comprehension skills, this children’s book is sure to be an integral part of any classroom or home library.

Halloween is the perfect time to create a learning space that celebrates the exciting season and integrates spook-tacular activities and decorations in and out of the classroom. Have a happy Halloween this year, and be sure to stay safe!