9 Reasons To LOVE Teaching

9 Reasons To LOVE Teaching

Posted by By Jenna Cicero on Jul 14th 2022

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We know that teaching truly is a work of heart. That’s why we asked real-life educators from around the country to share with us why they’re so passionate about the grade they teach, and the meaningful ways in which their students fuel their daily motivation. Below are just a few of our favorite responses, from Special Education to middle school teachers and everything in between.

To educators everywhere, thank you for sharing your light to help your students shine bright!

Watch our Teacher Inspiration Playlist to find out all the reasons why teachers believe teaching is a work of heart. 

Special Education: Every Day Is a New Learning Adventure

“Every day is different—no two days are the same! Each day I come in, what I did last year that day is not the same [as] this year on this day. Lessons never go as they are planned, but that’s OK! We have lots of fun with new challenges and new inspirations daily!”
Caitlin O. – @learningahoy

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Kindergarten: Sparking Excitement for Life-Long Learning

“As kindergarten teachers, we have tremendous responsibility because we set the tone for how a child feels about school. When we get them to love coming to school, that’s an amazing thing, and we hope that that attitude stays with them for their educational years to come!”
Casey S. – @kindergartenkornerbycasey

First Grade: The Joy of Reaching New Milestones

“One of the reasons I really like teaching first grade is the huge amount of reading growth that happens with this age group. It’s so fun to watch a one-struggling reader at the beginning of the yearbecome fluent and confidently read a text by the end.”
Catherine P. – @collaborative_classroom

Second Grade: Watching Curiosity and Imaginations Grow

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“The best thing about second graders is just the magic of their age. They’re inquisitive, they are growing in maturity and love school, they’re easy to engage, and they’re just so much fun. When you make them smile, they will make you smile too.”
Lauren M. – @teachinginstripes

Third Grade: Enjoying the Endless Creativity of Kids

“I love teaching third grade for two reasons. The first reason is they are so creative. In my classroom I only teach math and science, so we do a lot of STEM activities and project-based learning, and their creativity always amazes me. The second reason is that they’re a little bit more independent and they can finally start to understand some of my sarcasm!”
Courtney C. – @misscurtisclassroom

Fourth Grade: Seeing Students’ Abilities Totally Transform

“I love the face that I’m pushing them in their writing more than ever before. I love their personality that comes out in their writing. I love their sense of humor. I love their style. I love that I can be silly with them and laugh, and joke. They are my people.”
Heather C. – @seriousgiggles

Fifth Grade: Encouraging Self-Love and Individuality

“Really, what’s not to love about teaching fifth grade?! I get to work with awesome little people. I love building up their self-esteem. Plus, they say the darndest things—they keep me on my toes all the time!”
Lindsey J. – @heyheymrs.j

Sixth Grade: Joining Students’ Educational Journeys

“People tell me every day that I’m nuts for wanting to teach middle school. But, the truth is, you’ll never get me out of the middle school setting! The middle school years are so important and I’ve always had fantastic memories of my own middle school years. So, love being a part of that experience for my students.”
Liz R. – @middleschooltechparty

Seventh Grade: Witnessing The Moment Everything Makes Sense

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“It is just so cool to see how they process the information, and the conversations that happen in the classroom are just higher level. It is such a rewarding experience to see them come into their own and develop into these adults that are just hungry for knowledge!”
Stephanie M. – @givethatgirlasnack

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