15 Free Printable Worksheets To Warm Up Your Lesson Plans This Winter

15 Free Printable Worksheets To Warm Up Your Lesson Plans This Winter

Posted by By Tommy Switzgable on Feb 22nd 2022

With the winter season finally setting in and the holidays around the corner, there’s no better time than now to introduce fun, exciting, and free resources that celebrate the season! Between super snowy hands-on activities and festive learning games, there’s no limit to the joy you can bring to your learning environment with these resources!

  1. Holiday Words In Words

    Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa Holiday Words in Words Free Printable Worksheets

    How many words can you make out of different holidays? Using Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and other holidays as base words, have children practice their critical thinking and phonics skills by encouraging them to come up with as many words as possible before the timer goes off!

  2. Holiday Bingo

    Winter Virtual Holiday Bingo Game Free Printable Worksheets

    Introduce the timeless game of bingo to your classroom or at-home learning setting this holiday season! Using symbols for Christmas, Kwanzaa, and other winter holidays as game pieces, this is a guaranteed way for everyone to have fun and bring children joy.

  3. Holiday Word Problems Google Classroom Slides

    Winter Holiday Word Problems Google Classroom Slides for Teachers

    Give young students the opportunity to practice different math skills with this free set of Google Classroom Slides! Just in time for winter, this set of word problems teaches addition, subtraction, and more with fun holiday themes!

  4. Ornament Craft/Writing

    Snow Globe Free Handwriting Printable Worksheets

    Practice handwriting and fine motor skills with this free activity that gives students the opportunity to make their very own ornament out of household items for the Christmas season. Afterwards, have them write about it to share with family and friends!

  5. Holiday Lights Patterns

    Holiday Lights Pattern Free Printable Worksheets

    Children can practice patterning with this festive hands-on learning activity! Students will love creating new patterns with this free resource that they can use to decorate their classroom, lockers, home settings, and more!

  6. Snowman Subtraction Matching

    Snowman Subtraction Matching Free Math Printable Worksheet

    Students will feel brrrrrrrilliant with this fun and free game! Perfect for in the classroom or at home, children can practice their subtraction skills with a matching activity that features adorable snowman cards.

  7. Kwanzaa History and Coloring Page

    Free Kwanzaa History and Coloring Page Free Printable Worksheet

    Give students the opportunity to learn about a special holiday that celebrates family and culture with this free and informative resource. Create a bulletin board that displays different symbols of Kwanzaa while teaching its history.

  8. Hanukkah Dreidel Craft

    Hanukkah Dreidel Craft Free Printable Worksheet

    Take this fun and free activity for a spin! Students can use household items like milk or juice cartons to make this traditional game piece while learning about Hanukkah traditions in this do-it-yourself activity.

  9. Graphing Hidden Pictures: Kwanzaa Kinara

    Hidden Pictures: Kwanzaa Kinara Free Printable Worksheets

    Let children show off their critical thinking skills with this interactive activity by following the instructions to color in certain squares. After completion, students will see a vibrant picture that celebrates Kwanzaa!

  10. Graphing Hidden Pictures: Hanukkah Dreidel

    Hanukkah Dreidel Free Printable Worksheets

    Similar to the previous activity, children will follow instructions to color in different boxes on the page. This time, they’ll see a vivid picture of a dreidel to celebrate different Hanukkah traditions!

  11. Festive Pinecone Trees

    Festive Pinecone Trees Free Printable Worksheets

    Who doesn’t love a little Christmas tree? Using festive art items like pom-poms, glitter, and glue, have students make a miniature Christmas tree out of a pinecone to practice their fine motor skills and use as a holiday decoration!

  12. Felt Wreath

    Felt Winter Wreath Free Printable Worksheet

    Give young students an opportunity to be creative this Christmas season with this free and interactive activity. Children will love creating a Christmas wreath out of felt and string to add to their seasonal decorations!

  13. Sparkly Snowflakes

    Sparkly Snowflakes Free Printable Worksheet

    Add a little snow to your classroom without having to go outside! Using sparkles and wax paper, have students make snowflakes to hang from the classroom ceiling (or even a Christmas tree!) to give the learning space a shiny winter feeling.

  14. Synonym Clues

    Winter Synonym Clues Free Printable Worksheet

    This worksheet is a great addition to any early language arts lesson plan! Have young students practice their vocabulary skills with this engaging crossword puzzle that focuses on finding the synonyms of winter-themed words.

  15. Winter Word Search

    Winter Word Search Free Printable Worksheet

    Help develop your students’ vocabulary with this free winter-themed word search! Children will love using their critical thinking and reading skills to find the 10 holiday-related words all while having fun.