14 Classroom Resources To Gobble Up!

14 Classroom Resources To Gobble Up!

Posted by By Tommy Switzgable on Feb 22nd 2022

Turkey Day is just around the corner, and as a way to give thanks, we want to share with you 14 of our favorite Thanksgiving-themed classroom resources that children are guaranteed to love! From creative hands-on activities to interactive worksheets that cover a number of topics, there is guaranteed to be a resource that fits into your lesson!

  1. Leaf Rubbings Activity Card

    Free Fall Themed Printable Teacher Resource

    Embrace the fall weather with this fun activity card. Have kids explore the outdoors by picking out a fallen leaf that interests them, and have them place it under a piece of paper to rub a crayon over and create a beautiful autumn image!

  2. Trail Mix Activity Card

    Free Trail Mix Fall Themed Printable for Children

    Is there a better classroom activity than one you can eat afterwards? Children will love making this tasty snack using common trail mix ingredients that they can share with friends and family (keep allergies in mind!).

  3. Setting The Table Activity Card

    Free ‘Setting the Table’ Activity Printable for Students

    Practice table etiquette and manners in a fun and entertaining way while teaching kids basic social skills that they will carry throughout life.

  4. Autumn Pasta Tree Activity Card

    Free Autumn Pasta Tree Printable Activity Resource for Teachers

    Did you know you can turn household items into a fall tree? Using bow tie pasta, a brown paper bag, markers, and construction paper, kids can create a tree craft to display that celebrates the fall season!

  5. Scarecrow Activity Card

    Free Scarecrow Fall Themed Activity Teacher Resource

    Kids can create their own personal scarecrow with this fun hands-on activity! Using popsicle sticks, construction paper, and googly eyes, students can create the face of a scarecrow to share with their friends and family.

  6. Footprint Turkey Activity Card

    Free Footprint Turkey Fall Thanksgiving Themed Printable Resource for Teachers

    Everyone knows how to create a hand turkey, but what about making a turkey with a footprint? This exciting arts and craft project has students dip their foot in brown paint, and step on construction paper to make the body of a turkey!

  7. Leaves And Branches

    Free Leaves and Branches Fall Themed Printable Resource for Teachers

    Add some fun puzzles and games to your Thanksgiving lesson plans! The Leaves and Branches game teaches children about medial vowel sounds while trying to match vibrant fall-themed cut-outs with each other.

  8. Turkey Feathers

    Free Thanksgiving Themed Teacher Resource - Turkey Feathers Free Printable

    Use this Thanksgiving-themed worksheet to help develop young students’ fine motor skills! Children will love creating a turkey by tracing the feathers and coloring in the illustration afterwards.

  9. Thanksgiving Words In Words

    Free Thanksgiving Themed Teacher Resource - Words in Words Free Printable

    How many words can you make out of the word "Thanksgiving"? Help young students develop their phonics and critical thinking skills with this timed activity that encourages them to come up with as many words as possible before the clock runs out!

  10. Thanksgiving Bingo

    Free Thanksgiving Bingo Teacher Resource

    Bring the classic game of bingo to the table this Turkey Day! Using fun Thanksgiving symbols like pumpkins and turkeys as game pieces, this do-it-yourself game is a guaranteed way to have fun at home or in the classroom.

  11. Filled With Thanks

    Free ‘Filled With Thanks’ Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Teacher Resource

    Decorate your classroom to celebrate the Thanksgiving season in a fun and interactive way! Create a turkey for your bulletin board, and then have each student add one feather to its body that says what they are thankful for.

  12. Gobble! Gobble!

    Free Thanksgiving Early Learning Printable for Children

    This worksheet is a great addition to any early learning lesson plan! Students can show off their coloring skills and celebrate Thanksgiving by identifying and coloring in different parts of the illustrated turkey.

  13. Make A Turkey

    Free ‘Make A Turkey’ Thanksgiving Themed Printable for Children

    Give young students the opportunity to make an arts and crafts project this Thanksgiving. Children will love coloring and building their own turkey with this activity that helps develop fine motor skills!

  14. Colorful Pumpkins

    Free Fall Colorful Pumpkins Fall Themed Color Activity

    Can you crack the codes? Have young children identify the objects on the pumpkins in this activity by saying them out loud, and then use the codes in the box to color in each one correctly!