Ideas for Reading Buddies

Ideas for Reading Buddies

Apr 9th 2019

Classroom reading buddies

  • Partner with another class so everyone has a buddy.
  • Plan on about 20-30 minutes (once a week if possible) to meet as Reading Buddies.
  • Choose authors and illustrators to highlight for the buddy. For example, all the Eric Carle books, Dr. Seuss, etc.
  • Younger students can make concept books to read
  • Focus on patterns, rhyming words, tracking, etc.
  • Pick a theme: seasons, holidays, etc. and books related to the theme
  • Research animals together and create a book
  • Host “book, brownies, and buddies”. Allow students to enjoy the brownies as they read.
  • Have the older students choose a book and model a comprehension strategy
  • Write and read letters to Santa or each other
  • Do art together
    Type up the directions for an art activity. Have the older reader read the directions to the younger reader. Only the younger reader can actually cut, glue, etc. After the art project is made, have the younger student tell the directions to the older student
  • Jump Rope Jingles
    Have students read and learn some jump rope jingles ahead of time. Go outside and jump while singing the jingles
  • Share a tasty treat while reading or make it together while reading
  • Brown Bag Lunch and Learns; Have students picnic together (inside or out) and teach each other something related to non-fiction reading