5 Benefits of Homeschooling Your Kids

5 Benefits of Homeschooling Your Kids

Jul 29th 2020

Homeschooling, or parent-led education that happens at home, has come a long way in the past two decades. Technology has taken the task of homeschooling from a laborious one to a convenience for families seeking this unique education option. Alongside established religious homeschooling avenues are many secular ones, and even some state-sponsored virtual schools, too.

Here are a few of the most common benefits found in homeschooling.

Tailored Pacing

Benefits of homeschooling - tailored pacing

Learning takes place at the children’s pace. This doesn’t mean children are free to procrastinate, but if a certain topic is especially challenging, they can slow down and master it before moving on. Or, they can speed through lessons that are easier for them. In a traditional classroom setting, this may be more difficult to accomplish.

Customized Lesson Plans

A benefit of homeschooling is customized lesson plans

When homeschooling, you can adjust lessons to speak to your children’s specific interests. Homeschooling allows children to work with material that better reflects their own lives, hobbies, and experiences. Parents can select the curriculum that makes the most sense for their children and then adapt it accordingly.

Flexible Family Time

Flexible Family Time is a benefit of homeschooling

Instead of planning family time around school schedules, parents have more flexibility. This flexibility is especially nice for families whose time is impacted by an illness, or for families on different schedules. There’s also no need to adhere to a traditional school schedule when it comes to taking vacations or making other plans.

Everyday Learning

Everyday learning is a known benefit of homeschooling

Homeschooled students are able to learn in a real-world environment. A trip to the grocery store as part of the family schedule can double as a math, health, or language arts lesson. Students can also tend to family gardens, visit museums, or take field trips and enrich their knowledge about a wide range of subjects.

More Time Together

A benefit of homeschooling is more time together with family

Children can spend 30 plus hours per week in traditional classrooms, which isn’t a fit for all families. When students learn at home, that time together means more time to connect, bond, and experience life together as a family unit.

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