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The Visual Guide to Second Grade Workbook Grade 2 eBook

Thinking Kids

The Visual Guide to Second Grade Workbook Grade 2 eBook

192 pages
Grade 2 / Ages 7-8
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The Visual Guide to Second Grade introduces visual learning as an effective learning strategy by using charts pictures and graphs to strengthen critical thinking and comprehension skills. Featuring visual information this series helps children to understand and remember the information they need for academic success.

The Visual Guide to Second Grade uses bold infographics to present fascinating facts about sports rain forests volcanoes cloud formation and more. Infographics allow students to complete creative challenges while building math writing and data-collection skills.

When information is presented visually children are more likely to understand and remember it. The Visual Guide to Second Grade uses infographics to grab young learners’ attention with an exciting visual learning technique. Infographics simplify complex information by highlighting key ideas and connections with colorful charts pictures and graphs. The perfect at-home resource this cross-curricular workbook provides comprehension questions writing prompts and creative challenges to keep your child engaged in the learning process.

Grade-specific and high-interest the Visual Guide series offers a unique collection of infographics that teach language arts math social studies and science. Your child will:

  • grow as a critical thinker
  • make strides toward learning independently
  • improve skills with text numbers and data

A way of learning that appeals to today’s youth the Visual Guide series focuses on building the 21st century skills that lead to school success.


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