Healthy Eating, Exercise, and Sleep Workbook Grade 6-12 eBook (PDF)

Healthy Eating, Exercise, and Sleep Workbook Grade 6-12 eBook (PDF)

80 pages
Grade 6-12 / Ages 11-18
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Give students a foundation for building healthy lifestyle habits that will allow them to ensure healthy aging and better relationships with food and exercise throughout their lives with this mindfulness workbook for teens.

Healthy Eating, Exercise, and Sleep Health and Wellness Workbook for Teens and Pre-Teens is designed to teach students about nutrition, healthy food choices, healthy exercise types, sleep, and recovery, setting the foundation to building healthy lifestyle habits that will allow students to continue living long and healthy lives.

This nutrition book focuses on the basic principles of nutrition, understanding how to read a food label, the different types of exercise for different purposes, and how eating healthy, exercise, and better sleep can help students prevent disease. Activities include:
• Using food labels to determine what is really in foods
• Calculating the Total Daily Energy Expenditure
• Using the principles of energy balance in weight management
• Using MyPlate to build a meal
• Shopping with meal planning and preparation in mind
• Testing physical fitness
• Cardiovascular exercise and resistance training at home
• Practicing mindful yoga movements
• Tracking sleep
• Building bedtime and morning sleep hygiene routines

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