Pre-Calculus Workbook Grade 6-12 eBook (PDF)

Pre-Calculus Workbook Grade 6-12 eBook (PDF)

128 pages
Grade 6-Grade 12 / Ages 11-17
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This resource book for middle- and upper-grade math enhances pre-calculus lessons with clear explanations, practice exercises, and more.

The Pre-Calculus workbook provides students with an overview of the skills in algebra, functions, trigonometry, analytic geometry, and graphical analysis that are crucial to success in higher-level mathematics, such as calculus. It also constructs a bridge to calculus by providing some introductory insight into sequences and series. Explanations of the concepts, definitions of key vocabulary, and detailed examples of problems and solutions are followed by practice exercises.

The Middle/Upper Grades Math Series books provide students in middle school, junior high, and high school with instruction and practice in the fundamentals of math so they can transition to higher-order math concepts with confidence. Clear explanations, numerous practice exercises, and frequent reviews provide students with the tools for success in pre-algebra, algebra, statistics and probability, and pre-calculus.

Correlated to current national, state, and provincial standards.

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