Playful Classroom Reminders Mini Bulletin Board Set

Playful Classroom Reminders Mini Bulletin Board Set

17 pieces
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Help students succeed with year-round content-rich teaching décor.

Brighten your classroom and your students' mindsets with this cheeky 17-piece Playful Classroom Reminders Bulletin Board Set. Great for year-round display, this set helps students stay on track with amusingly illustrated, fun suggestions such as Making a mistake is NO PROB-LLAMA, NO drama ZONE, or Papers without names are POINTLESS. This set includes these pieces:

  • 4 large reminders, each assembled from 2 pieces (largest: 10.7" x 13.6", smallest: 10.7" x 10.2")
  • 9 small reminders (largest: 8.5" x 5.5", smallest: 6.2" x 3.4")

Curriculum-based mini bulletin board sets are perfect for enhancing learning in small spaces. Engaging designs allow you to use valuable wall space for presenting standards-based concepts without sacrificing an inviting classroom atmosphere. These essential standards-based sets will appeal to your students and make them eager to learn.