Transform your classroom into a cheerful, welcoming space that all students can enjoy with the bright, animated positivity of the Kind Vibes collection.

Classroom decorated with the Kind Vibes classroom theme collection

Styled by Chad Boender

Chalkboard decroated with Kind Vibes cut-outs and bulletin board set

Give classroom management a vibrant and inspirational refresh.

Kind Vibes Kindness is the New Cool bulletin board set

Label your classroom supplies and learning displays with motivational messages and colorful accents!

Classroom decorated with Carson Dellosa's Kind Vibes classroom décor

Stay up to date each month with birthdays, schedules, and more with brightly colored calendars.

A teacher explaining the signifance of the Kind Vibes theme in his classroom

Capture hearts through positive messages and colorful designs.

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Classroom chalkboard decorated with Kind Vibes classroom decor

Styled by Jessica Hursh

Kind Vibes Birthday Bulletin Board Set

Display students' birthdays year round with a stylish birthday bulletin board set.

Kind Vibes classroom rainbow accents cut-outs, borders, and EZ Letters

Rainbow accents and heart-warming cut-outs transform learning displays.

Kind Vibes Calendar Bulletin Board Set and Nameplates

Teach essential scheduling and organizational skills with rainbow-themed nameplates, labels, and organizational charts.

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Choose Kindness Kind Vibes heart cut-outs and bulletin board set

Styled by Danielle Alanna

Zoomed in Kind Vibes Kindness Counts Mini Bulletin Board Set

Maintain a positive learning environment with motivational messages that inspire students to practice kindness.

Zoomed in Kind Vibes Birthday Bulletin Board Set

Make each student’s birthday feel special with a monthly birthday display chart.

Kind Vibes classroom décor posters

Inspirational posters encourage positive thinking both in and out of the classroom.

A quote from a teacher discussing why she loves the Kind Vibes classroom theme.

Encourage not only students to practice kindness, but adults, too!

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Bright and colorful classroom decorated with Kind Vibes classroom decor

Styled by Abigail Peterson

Kind Vibes poster, teacher planner, and stickers for the classroom

Eye-catching labels and posters encourage a vibrant, positive learning space that children love.

Kind Vibes borders, cut-outs, and calendar bulletin board set on classroom wall

Teach students essential scheduling skills with bright pops of color and neat, clean designs.

Bright and inspirational classroom decorated with Kind Vibes theme

Create inspirational corners throughout your learning center with multi-colored incentive charts and birthday displays.

Teacher quote explaining how the Kind Vibes classroom decorations are filled with positive messages.

Create an atmosphere that exudes love and kindness!

Kind Vibes Library Makeover with Carson Dellosa & @HappilyEverElementary

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