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Spectrum® provides quality educational resources that support student learning achievement and success during the school year and summer months.


Spectrum® Math offers systematic instruction for reinforcing math concepts where a child demonstrates weakness, or for teaching advanced math skills and strategies to gifted students. These cost-effective workbooks and flashcards can be used with several students in a family or for repetitive practice to strengthen math skills.

Aligned to standards used in testing, Spectrum® Math is designed to prepare students for academic testing and provide a path to math mastery.

 Language Arts

Language learning takes place all year round! Spectrum® provides quality educational resources that support reading and language mastery during the school year and time off!

Spectrum® Language Arts workbooks and flashcards provide focused practice for mastery in areas such as reading, phonics, writing, and language arts. Engaging, open-ended activities combined with sound instruction make the workbooks an essential resource for learning.


Spectrum® is the perfect science resource to use to fill in grade-level gaps in your child's science knowledge, enrich your child's scientific literacy, and strengthen research skills. Perforated tear out pages or the eBook format allow you to select areas of instruction as needed or desired.


Enrich your child's geography skills with Spectrum® Geography workbooks. Available in print or download a digital eBook instantly. Each book features easy-to-understand directions, full-color illustrations, maps, and perforated pages for easy removal.

 Test Prep

Many states require standardized testing as a requirement for homeschooling. Spectrum® has two workbooks—Spectrum® Test Prep, and Spectrum® Test Practice—that help students become fully prepared for test success. These workbooks can be used together or separately depending on student needs.

Spectrum® Test Prep includes strategy-based activities for English Language Arts and Math, test tips to help answer questions, and critical thinking and reasoning to help students improve and strengthen their test-taking skills.

Spectrum® Test Practice simulates the actual testing experience by including comprehensive practice tests for English Language Arts and Math. It includes directions, examples, test questions, and a separate answer sheet following the format of standardized tests.