Everything for Early Learning Workbook Grade K eBook

Everything for Early Learning Workbook Grade K eBook

256 pages
Grade K / Ages 5-6
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Enhance an early learning curriculum and help children develop basic skills for success with a creative workbook for kindergarten.

Everything for Early Learning for kindergarten provides activities to help children learn these essential concepts:

  • numbers
  • addition
  • subtraction
  • letters
  • sounds
  • reading and writing readiness

This math and language arts workbook supports current state standards.

Everything for Early Learning provides children with the tools they need to think critically, solve problems, and succeed in school. This workbook for kindergarten guides children through a variety of colorful, engaging activities. Each activity supports early learning standards for math, language arts, and basic skills. An exceptional addition to at-home preschool curriculum, Everything for Early Learning covers these foundational skills and concepts:

  • sizes and shapes
  • numbers and counting
  • letters and sounds
  • reading readiness
  • writing readiness

The Everything for Early Learning series offers creative math and language arts activities that promote a fun approach to learning. With Everything for Early Learning, children start their educational journey equipped with skills for success!


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