Super Skill Powers Workbook Grade 2 eBook

Super Skill Powers Workbook Grade 2 eBook

256 pages
Grade 2 / Ages 7-8
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Help your child learn and apply essential skills with this fun-filled workbook. Super Skill Powers for grade 2 offers an interactive approach to learning math and language arts. Designed to engage and educate, it provides young learners with an opportunity to create their very own superheroes while improving critical thinking skills!

Super Skill Powers for grade 2 offers fun and engaging math and language arts practice with:

  • addition
  • subtraction
  • time
  • money
  • measurement
  • shapes
  • fractions
  • sentences
  • vocabulary
  • spelling
  • punctuation

With this series, your child can deepen understanding of key concepts while being motivated by a creative learning process. Super Skill Powers for grade 2 uses a combination of assessments and rewards to help your child become a super student!

The Super Skill Powers series offers motivation for learning by using a unique, interactive format for math and language arts practice. Each book features assessments for monitoring progress and opportunities for children to earn rewards for mastering specific skills. The reward stickers are in the form of capes, masks, clothing, and shields so that children can build their own superheroes.

Upon completion of the workbooks, children will have learned enough to be part of the superhero team!