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The Joy of Schoolgirl Style™

Bring warmth and one-of-a-kind style to your classroom this year!

Create a warm, welcoming feel to your classroom!

Create a tropical paradise with the bright pops of color

Brew up daily learning fun with this welcoming coffeehouse theme.

Bright accents create a haven of happiness

Not your normal garden-variety décor collection

Create an enchanting learning environment

Create an inviting space that feels like home

Energize your routine with colorful coordinates

Encourage students to let their light shine


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The Joy of Schoolgirl Style™

Decorate your classroom with a style that is fun and fabulous, all while enjoying an inspired teaching space! Educator-turned-decorator Melanie Ralbusky's unique and fashionable décor ignites excitement for teaching and takes the guesswork out of styling, managing, and perfecting classroom design. Check out the bright, bold, and stylish collections of Simply Stylish Tropical, Industrial Café, Hello Sunshine, Woodland Whimsy, and many more!