Brighter Child

Jam-packed with fun and engaging learning activities, our games, flashcards and books make great resources to encourage and enhance learning throughout the summer months.


Flash Cards

Brighter Child™ flash cards give young learners a fun and easy way to practice important skills. Each box of cards focuses on an important subject that students need to know for school success. A gift that keeps on giving, far into your child's future!

Puzzles & Games

Brighter Child™ puzzles and games provide children with challenges that are fun, clever, and engaging. Portable enough to stick in a stocking and then play at home or on-the-go in the years to come. Each activity fosters vital social skills and teamwork, helping children master visual perception and hand-eye coordination.


Between the pages of these books are stories of magic, imagination, and inspiration that will inspire a lifelong love of reading. Beautifully illustrated but sensible, these books are perfect gifts for grandkids or children's gift swaps.