Brighter Child

Jam-packed with fun and engaging learning activities, Brighter Child™ games, flashcards and activity books make great resources to encourage and enhance learning throughout the summer months.


Summer Splash

Minimize screen time and increase critical thinking skills with fun learning activities!
Whether at-home or on-the-go, our fun and engaging Summer Splash learning activities will keep your child active and learning throughout the summer months. These hands-on activities are the perfect way to boost confidence for the school year ahead!

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Summer Splash Travel

Summer Splash Travel Activity Books

Activity & Workbooks

Build critical thinking skills with fun learning activities!
From puzzles and brainteasers to skill-specific practice, these books will entertain your child and (secretly) boost brainpower during the summer months!

Flash Cards

Quick, Easy Memory and Recall Practice!
Brighter Child™ flash cards give young learners a fun and easy way to practice important skills throughout the long summer months, and build confidence for the upcoming school year. It's the gift that keeps on giving, far into your child's future!

Puzzles & Games

Make family time a must with fun learning activities!
Brighter Child™ puzzles and games provide children with challenges that are fun, clever, and engaging - making them the perfect summer activities. Each activity fosters vital social skills and builds basic concept knowledge that improves self-confidence for the upcoming school year.


Classic childhood tales children love.
Between the pages of these beautifully-illustrated books are stories of magic, imagination, and inspiration that are sure to keep students reading and engaged throughout the summer, and  inspire a lifelong love of reading. These also make perfect gifts for grandkids or children's gift swaps.