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Brighter Child

Stop boredom and sneak in a little learning! Jam-packed with fun, colorful, and engaging activities, children will stay busy while (secretly) building skills.


Activity & Workbooks

Fun and learning go hand-in-hand!
Great for transitions and homework, Brighter Child™ workbooks will give your student the building blocks they need to develop critical-thinking skills and improve concentration all while having fun!

Puzzles & Games

Brighter Child™ puzzles and games provide children with challenges that are fun, clever, and engaging. These hands-on activities are great for the classroom, home, or on-the-go. Each activity fosters vital social skills and teamwork, helping children master visual perception and hand-eye coordination.

Flash Cards

Brighter Child™ flash cards give young learners a fun and easy way to practice important skills. Each box of cards focuses on an important subject that students need to know for school success.