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Interactive Notebooks

Interactive notebooks engage students in a creative, hands-on learning process to help them reach their full academic potential in math, language arts, and science.

Create independent learners who actively process information and accurately apply concept knowledge.

Articles to support Interactive Notebooks in your classroom:

Setting Up and Maintaining Interactive Notebooks in the Classroom Support Interactive Notebooks Make Learning Meaningful with Authentic Instruction Flexible Math Groups Flexible Skill Groups

Transition your classroom into an interactive learning environment.

This workshop video explains how to successfully implement interactive notebooks into your classroom and demonstrates how this resource evokes a sense of pride within your students.

 Interactive Notebooks

Enable students to organize and synthesize information by having them use this creative and easily personalized resource.

Carson-Dellosa’s Interactive Notebooks for math, English language arts (ELA), and science provide a comprehensive, ready-to-use resource that includes the templates and instructions necessary to successfully apply standards-based skills to hands-on experiences. This unique and creative note-taking strategy creates an organized, interactive learning environment that allows students to thrive.

A perfect way to introduce topics to elementary and middle-grade students, each notebook emphasizes visual learning and naturally teaches organized, effective note-taking. Interactive notebooks require students to create their own, subject-specific resource. As a result, students feel a sense of ownership, and they have a reference that they can revisit throughout the year to help them reach their full potential.

Download FREE sample pages of Interactive Notebooks for Math, Language Arts, and Science!

Elementary interactive notebooks are an educational game-changer.

Watch this informational video to learn more about how our Interactive Notebook series encourages elementary students to actively participate in the learning process.

Middle-grade interactive notebooks offer a revolutionary way to teach language arts and math.

Watch this informational video to learn more about how our Interactive Notebook series motivates middle-grade students to be interested and involved in the learning process.