What Is Summer Learning Loss?

If children don’t engage in 2–3 hours of educational activities per week during the summer, they risk losing the skills they developed throughout the year.

Summer Learning Infographic

Studies confirm that summer learning loss is real, but it’s also preventable. Our summer learning products offer a variety of ways to create a fun, active, and educational summer for your child.

From the skill-building Spectrum® series to the entertaining Summer Bridge Activities® series, we have everything you need to avoid summer learning loss and prepare for the new school year.

Keep Minds Active & Skills Sharp This Summer

 Summer Bridge™

Engage your child in summer learning

Prevent summer learning loss with fun, educational activities found in Summer Bridge™ workbooks. Whether at home or on the go, Summer Bridge Activities® and Summer Bridge™ Explorations provide hours of exciting activities to keep kids mentally and physically active during summer.


Give your students the academic edge

Make sure skills stay sharp this summer with Spectrum® workbooks and flash cards. Standards-based and skill-specific, the award-winning Spectrum series offers a variety of ways to prepare your child for a successful school year.