Summer Learning Activity Workbooks and Summer Educational Resources

Help your child avoid summer learning loss and prepare for the school year ahead with our award-winning products. They make catching up, keeping up, or getting ahead during the summer easy!

Keep Young Minds Active & Skills Sharp

  • Stop Summer Learning Loss with Summer Bridge Activities®

    Watch this video to learn more about summer learning loss and how Summer Bridge Activities® workbooks can help prevent it in just 15 minutes a day!

What Is Summer Learning Loss?

When kids are out of school for the summer, they risk losing the academic skills that they developed throughout the year.

In fact, research findings estimate that kids can lose about two months of overall learning during this time.

Summer learning loss is real, but it’s also preventable. Studies show that by engaging in 2–3 hours of educational activities per week during the summer months, children will retain essential skills and be ready for the school year ahead!

How to get Your Child to Read Over the Summer Break

 Stop Summer Learning Loss

Looking for ways to fit education, entertainment, and exercise into your child’s summer schedule? The award-winning Summer Bridge™ workbooks are for you! For more than 15 years, Summer Bridge™ has been the #1 brand that parents and teachers trust to strengthen skills during the summer.

In only 15 minutes per day, Summer Bridge Activities® helps your child prepare for a successful new school year with with fun, cross-curricular activities that keep minds active and skills sharp.

Turn summer learning into a fun-filled outdoor experience with Summer Bridge™ Explorations! These summer learning workbooks prepare your child for the grade ahead by helping to build essential cross-curricular skills with project-based outdoor learning.

 Summer Learning Fun

Make a splash with fun learning at home or on-the-go!

Keep skills sharp and minds active with Summer Splash hands-on activities! Whether at home or on the go, these interactive workbooks will help your child strengthen skills and build confidence for school success.

 Summer Learning Adventures

Turn your child's summer vacation into a learning adventure
A fun way to help a child prepare for the grade ahead during the summer. Each summer learning workbook includes fun learning activities covering a range of topics in math and reading. The activities review skills from the previous grade and gradually increase in difficulty to prepare a child for the grade ahead.