Classroom Data Tracking, Lesson Planning, and Goal Setting

Classroom Data Tracking allows you to track student progress with a customizable data-tracking process to fit your needs

Motivate students by allowing them to set goals and assess their own progress.

Classroom Data Tracking

Articles to support Classroom Data Tracking in your classroom:

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Integrate assessment into your current routine.

Watch our video to learn more about this reproducible resource that will help you:

  • Focus lesson planning to meet students’ individual needs
  • Easily identify gaps in learning for re-teaching or focused remediation
  • Guide students to take ownership of their learning to achieve year-long goals

 Classroom Data Tracking

Being able to prove student growth is more important than ever in today’s classroom, which makes collecting and tracking data a necessity.

Carson-Dellosa’s Classroom Data Tracking resource books will guide you through setting up, creating, and maintaining a personalized data-tracking system in your classroom. The student data you collect will help you set goals and monitor progress with your students while keeping families informed and administrators updated. And, because each comprehensive book covers an entire year of standards-based language arts and math concepts, it’s easy to track your students' progress toward skill mastery.

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