Spectrum Brand Teaching Resources and Workbooks

Proven instructional method teaches and reinforces concepts as students progress towards mastery. Updated and optimized for today's college- and career-ready classroom.


Learn, Understand, Extend, and Achieve.

Best-selling Spectrum® Math provides systematic instruction for on-level or advanced-level math mastery.

This teacher-recommended series supports math mastery by providing progressive instruction that teaches and builds on basic skills. Students will acquire the confidence needed as they advance towards subject proficiency. A favorite for math tutors and in-home instruction.

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 Language Arts

Extend and enrich literacy skills for language arts confidence.

Spectrum® provides comprehensive skill instruction and practice. The perfect resource for skill-specific learning and test preparation.

Correlated to current state academic standards, Spectrum® Language Arts provides everything students need to build proficiency in language arts skills. As a part of the best-selling workbook series, Spectrum® titles provide quality, research-based educational resources that support student learning achievement and success.

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Help students improve scientific literacy and strengthen inquiry skills.

Ideal for introducing and reviewing key science concepts, these workbooks explore topics in natural, Earth, life, and applied sciences. Captivating passages are presented in a manageable one-page format with bonus sidebar facts and science vocabulary reinforcement.

Aligned to current state standards, Spectrum® Science provides engaging activities to prepare students for science success. It features captivating passages and comprehension questions that strengthen concept understanding and encourage scientific inquiry.

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 Test Prep / Practice

The perfect resource for developing student assessment success experiences.

Help students refine the become comfortable with skills necessary for assessment success with Spectrum® Test Prep and Spectrum® Test Practice. Designed to strengthen essential skills, these standards-based series can be used together or separately based on students’ needs.

Spectrum® Test Prep is a grade-specific resource that uses strategy-based activities to prepare middle-grade students for assessment in ELA and math. It encourages critical thinking, improves reasoning skills, and offers test-taking tips for success. Spectrum® Test Practice offers an authentic assessment experience with comprehensive practice tests for ELA and math. It includes directions, examples, questions, and an answer sheet that follows the same format as the standardized test.

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 Social Studies

Build content knowledge and reinforce nonfiction comprehension skills.

Spectrum® Geography provides students with the perfect resource for strengthening geography knowledge while reinforcing the acquisition of nonfiction literacy skills.

Each book features easy-to-understand directions, full-color illustrations, maps, and perforated pages for easy removal. A glossary of important geographical vocabulary terms and a complete answer key are also included.

 Early Learning

Essential and fun resources for designed to nurture engaged learning.

This best-selling series helps young learners build the skills necessary for a successful academic journey.

Each resource strengthens basic readiness skills by providing age-appropriate, standards-based practice in a variety of subjects so that students can boost the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed for success.