Explore the whole range of Spectrum® books and see why teachers and parents trust this best-selling series to provide rigorous practice for college and career readiness.


School Readiness

Are your students prepared, confident, and on grade level for the new school year?
Spectrum® Readiness workbooks provide:
  • Standards-based activities that help your student prepare for the school year ahead
  • Helpful instructions, hints, and tips for each activity
  • An answer key for easy assessment
Spectrum® Readiness titles give students a comprehensive introduction to the skills and standards that will be taught throughout the school year.


Congratulations! You have found the perfect supplement to your math curriculum.
The Spectrum® Math workbooks:
  • Offer practice and reinforcement in math fundamentals
  • Include real-world math applications and standards-based math instruction
  • Provide activities that extend problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities
  • Emphasize content that will help ensure math proficiency
Every book provides real-world math application, activities that extend problem-solving and analytical abilities, and standards-driven math instruction to help ensure math proficiency

Language Arts

Encourage creativity and build confidence by making writing fun. Spectrum® Language Arts workbooks are the perfect standards-based supplement to help your student master language arts skills, including:
  • Parts of speech and sentences
  • Grammar and usage
  • Capitalization and punctuation
  • And vocabulary acquisition and usage
Step-by-step instructions help with planning, drafting, revising, proofreading, and writing. Engaging, open-ended writing projects combined with standards-based learning make these workbooks an essential resource for school success.


Spectrum® Geography includes 18 three-part, full-color lessons to strengthen geography knowledge and map-reading skills. These books focus on five geographic themes, including:

  • Location
  • Place
  • Human/environmental interaction
  • Movement
  • And regions
Develop your students social studies literacy and prepare them for standardized testes with Spectrum® Geography workbooks.

Test Prep

Spectrum® workbooks are designed by experts to prepare students with testing skills and strategies.

Spectrum® Test Prep assesses skills in both English language arts and math giving students ample opportunities to apply what they have learned to a testing situation for added confidence and skill reinforcement.

Spectrum® Test Practice eases testing anxiety by preparing students with test-taking strategies and time-management skills.