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Explore the whole range of Spectrum® books and see why teachers and parents trust this best-selling series to provide rigorous practice for college and career readiness.

Over 60 new titles updated to meet current state and national standards!

Education is a journey, and each student's journey is unique. The Spectrum® series for PreK through grade eight has what your student needs to jumpstart the school year, practice and master skills, ease test-taking anxiety, and stay sharp during the summer.

Each workbook provides state standards-aligned lessons and exercises that will help your student master increasingly difficult subject matter.

School Readiness

Are your students prepared, confident, and on grade level for the new school year?
Spectrum® Readiness titles give students a comprehensive introduction to the skills and standards which will be taught throughout the school year.


Congratulations! You have found the perfect supplement to your math curriculum.
Every Spectrum® Math workbook provides real-world math application, activities that extend problem-solving and analytical abilities, and standards-driven math instruction to help ensure math proficiency.

Aligned to current state standards, Spectrum® is your students' path to math mastery.

Download FREE samples of Spectrum® Math workbooks!

Math Spectrum Samples

Spectrum® Math

Spectrum® Common Core Language Arts and Math

Language Arts

Develop your students' comprehension of written and oral language.
Each workbook provides focused practice for language arts mastery. Engaging, open-ended activities combined with standards-based learning make these workbooks an essential resource for school success.

Download FREE samples of Spectrum® Language Arts workbooks!

Language Arts Spectrum Downloads

Test Prep

Build confidence and sharpen test taking skills with Spectrum® Test Prep and Test Practice workbooks.

Spectrum® Test Prep will help improve your students' test taking skills. They will learn how to follow directions, understand different test formats, use effective strategies to avoid common mistakes, and budget their time wisely.

Spectrum® Test Practice will give your students the opportunity to take "real" practice tests.

Download FREE samples of Spectrum® Test Prep and Test Practice workbooks!

Test Prep Spectrum Samples


Provide your students with focused practice for science mastery.
Develop science literacy and prepare your students for standardized tests with Spectrum® Science workbooks.

Download FREE samples of Spectrum® Science workbooks!

Science Spectrum Samples