It’s a fundraising idea that everyone will be excited about—parents, teachers, administrators, and students! Children can lose up to two months of academic knowledge over the summer. That’s why millions of parents and education professionals choose Summer Bridge Activities® to provide fun, engaging activities for their students during the summer break.


  1. Print and distribute the Summer Bridge Activities parent letter.
  2. Create an online PTA account. To create a PTA account you will need the following:
    • The Tax Exempt ID for the school
    • The billing address of the school
    • A separate email address (if you are already registered with
  3. Once you get the completed order forms back from the parents, total the number of books (per grade) sold at your school.
  4. Place your book order using your PTA account to receive your discount.

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  5. Allow 7–10 business days for standard shipping.
  6. As soon as you receive your books, check it against the packing slip and notify Carson-Dellosa Customer Service at 800-321-0943 within 24 hours if there are discrepancies.
  7. Distribute the books to your students and rest assured, you’ve done your part to combat summer learning loss.

Summer Bridge Fundraising Opportunity