Sequencing Cut-Up Paragraphs Resource Book

Grades 1–5 / Ages 6–11
64 pages
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eBook $11.99
Instill a love of literacy in students in grades 1–2 using Sequencing Cut-Up Sentences! This 64-page book features the hands-on reading activity of assembling "cut-up" sentences, a strategy that has been proven to be fun and effective. The 55 fiction and nonfiction passages in this book help students develop skills and strategies that assist them in comprehending, evaluating, interpreting, and appreciating what they read. Additionally, English Language Learners practice using common English sentence structures. This resource meets the needs of students of varying ability levels and learning styles. It supports NCTE standards.
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Brand Carson-Dellosa Publishing
Product Detail Resource Book
Subjects Language Arts; Reading; Special Needs / Inclusion
Topics Comprehension; Intervention & SLD
ISBN13 9781602680470