Sight Words Flash Cards

PreK–Grade 1 / Ages 3–7
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Spectrum(R) Sight Words Flash Cards build reading readiness skills by helping children ages 4 and up identify high-frequency words in their reading. Kindergarten and first-grade sight words are presented both individually and within sentences.

Spectrum Flash Cards support the skills your child needs to know. Each 100-card set addresses essential skills for early childhood education. Letters & Numbers and Colors & Shapes help young learners grasp early math and reading concepts. First Words build reading readiness through word-image association, while Sight Words help students identify high-frequency words in their reading. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division build knowledge of math facts and place value strategies, laying the groundwork for more advanced math concepts. Aligned to current state standards, Spectrum Flash Cards are a valuable and engaging supplement to the Spectrum workbook series.

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Brand Spectrum
Product Detail Flash Cards
Series Spectrum Flash Cards
Subjects Early Learning; Language Arts
Topics Centers; Sight Words; Center Management; Testing Support
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