Total Math and Reading Workbook

PreK / Ages 4–5
416 pages
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Establish a strong home-to-school connection for classroom success with the help of Total Math and Reading for prekindergarten. This workbook reinforces math and reading concepts while challenging young learners with engaging activities that encourage them to show what they know!

Total Math and Reading for prekindergarten is a must-have comprehensive guide to skill mastery. This standards-based resource provides a variety of challenges, practice, puzzles, games, and activities to help children learn:

  • numbers
  • counting
  • shapes
  • patterns
  • letters
  • colors

The Total Math and Reading series for grades PreK-2 enhances school skills while keeping children engaged with at-home learning! Designed to establish and support a strong foundation in math and reading, each book offers challenging grade-appropriate lessons with clear explanations, colorful art, and skill-sharpening practice. Challenging extension activities are included to help children hone critical-thinking skills.

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Subjects Across the Curriculum; Early Learning; Language Arts; Math
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