Kindergarten Essentials Workbook

Grade K / Ages 5–6
256 pages
Product ID: 705026

Build basic skills for success by engaging children in active learning.

Kindergarten Essentials helps children learn these important concepts:

  • rhyming words
  • handwriting
  • opposites
  • addition
  • patterns
  • numbers through 20

This workbook challenges learners to apply skills both in and out of the classroom!

Strengthen the home-to-school connection and prepare children for classroom success. Kindergarten Essentials supports learning in three important areas:

  • basic skills
  • reading
  • math

Packed with engaging practice, this workbook helps children learn how to communicate effectively and think critically.

Make sure your child is ready to succeed in a twenty-first century classroom with the Essentials series. Available for prekindergarten to second grade, this series provides skill-building practice and fun activities. Each practice page features a “One Step Further” activity to encourage children to apply skills in everyday life. Workbooks also include a “Games and Activities” section to enhance the learning experience with puzzles, mazes, and more!

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Brand Thinking Kids
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Subjects Across the Curriculum; Early Learning; Language Arts; Math; Puzzles and Games
Topics Literacy Month
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