Prekindergarten Essentials Workbook

PreK / Ages 4–5
256 pages
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Engage early learners and build basic skills for classroom readiness.

Prekindergarten Essentials includes fun practice pages to help children learn these skills:

  • colors
  • shapes
  • opposites
  • handwriting
  • counting
  • the alphabet

Filled with skill-building practice and real-world activities, Prekindergarten Essentials prepares children for success both in and out of the classroom.

Give children the building blocks for classroom success with Prekindergarten Essentials. This workbook supports learning in three key areas:

  • reading
  • math
  • basic skills

Designed to support independent thinking and discovery, Prekindergarten Essentials offers opportunities to learn off the page, engaging children in active learning while promoting critical thinking, creativity, and communication.

The Essentials series for prekindergarten to second grades helps build a strong foundation for a successful educational journey. Each practice page features a “One Step Further” activity to encourage children to apply skills to everyday experiences. The books include fun puzzles and mazes in a bonus “Games and Activities” section.

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Subjects Across the Curriculum; Early Learning; Language Arts; Math; Puzzles and Games
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