The Complete Book of the Alphabet Workbook

PreK–Grade 1 / Ages 4–7
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Help your child master the early learning skills necessary for academic success. A child-friendly resource for at-home learning, The Complete Book of The Alphabet for prekindergarten to grade 1 promotes skill mastery with focused instruction and fun activities. This early learning supplemental workbook focuses on one skill at a time to strengthen knowledge and build classroom confidence.

The Complete Book of The Alphabet for prekindergarten to grade 1 helps children build a solid foundation in recognizing the letters and sounds of the alphabet. This book provides focused instruction in printing letters and words, and it features songs, rhymes, and activities to help children remember what they’ve learned.

Provide the resources your child needs to master foundational skills. The Complete Book of the Alphabet features activities that support skill mastery in letter recognition, letter sounds, consonants, and vowels. Featuring kid-friendly activities, this book encourages learning and helps children hone the skills needed for success.

The Complete Book series offers an engaging way for children to acquire knowledge and strengthen essential skills. This series features activities that encourage independent learning and support skill mastery in Spanish, handwriting, maps, geography, the alphabet, numbers, counting, time, money, and arts and crafts. Each subject-specific, comprehensive workbook offers focused instruction and fun activities. The books in this series feature full-color photographs and illustrations that hold attention while children learn important concepts.

With The Complete Book series, students have the support they need for school success!

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