Adventures in Learning Workbook

Grade K / Ages 5–6
256 pages
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Educate and entertain at home with the Adventures in Learning kindergarten workbook.

Adventures in Learning for kindergarten covers the following essential math and language arts skills:

  • addition
  • subtraction
  • shapes
  • consonant and vowel sounds
  • capitalization

Filled with fun educational activities for kindergarten students, this workbook is an ideal alternative to TVs and tablets.

Designed to appeal to early learners, Adventures in Learning for kindergarten takes children on an educational exploration. The workbook is divided into four themes: monsters, royalty, detectives, and pirates. Each section includes fascinating mazes, puzzles, games, and activities that challenge children to use math, language arts, and analytical skills to solve problems.

From math for beginners to foundational reading, the Adventures in Learning educational workbooks tackle the skills for classroom success. This series captivates children with engaging activities and introduces them to Izzy and Charlie—brave explorers who take them on a journey through arithmetic, grammar, reading, measurement, and more.

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Subjects Across the Curriculum; Early Learning; Language Arts; Math
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