Adventures in Learning Workbook

PreK / Ages 4–5
256 pages
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Help your child stay focused on learning with adventurous educational activities for prekindergarten.

The Adventures in Learning for prekindergarten workbook provides a fun way to learn the following essential concepts:

  • sounds
  • colors
  • shapes
  • handwriting
  • letter and number recognition

This workbook approaches prekindergarten math and language arts in a fun, unique way!

The Adventures in Learning educational workbook for prekindergarten encourages young learners to embrace their adventurous side while strengthening skills for success. Designed to appeal to a child’s imagination, the workbook is divided into four themed sections—pirates, royalty, detectives, and monsters. Each section includes captivating puzzles, mazes, and games to engage children while they master important math, language arts, and critical thinking skills.

Enhance learning at home with a series that promotes education and imagination. Adventures in Learning for prekindergarten to second grade introduces children to brave explorers, Izzy and Charlie, as they sail through arithmetic, rule over reading, close the case on measurement, and roar into grammar. From early math to early reading, Adventures in Learning tackles the skills your child needs for classroom success!

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Series Adventures in Learning
Subjects Across the Curriculum; Early Learning; Language Arts; Math
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