Spectrum Cursive Handwriting Workbook

Grades 3–5 / Ages 8–11
96 pages
Product ID: 704692

From writing letters to reading documents, cursive writing plays an essential role both in and out of the classroom. Give your child the practice to master this skill with Spectrum® Cursive Handwriting.

Knowing how to read and write cursive gives children an advantage across disciplines. Spectrum Cursive Handwriting for grades 3-5 guides children through writing letters in isolation, connecting letters, and more.

Cursive writing isn’t a skill of the past—it’s a skill used every day. Being able to recognize and apply cursive writing is essential for reading historical documents, gaining exposure to academic words, and writing signatures. Spectrum Cursive Writing will help your child master this important skill.

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Brand Spectrum
Product Detail Workbook
Series Spectrum
Subjects Language Arts
Topics Handwriting; Spectrum Skill
ISBN13 9781483813813
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