First Grade Fundamentals Workbook

Grade 1 / Ages 6–7
256 pages
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eBook $8.99

Book Media Type

eBook $8.99
First Grade Fundamentals will delight young learners with activities on consonants and vowels, vocabulary, addition and subtraction, fractions, phonics, reading comprehension, time and money, and more. Filled with colorful pages, easy-to-follow directions, and grade-appropriate activities, the Fundamentals series introduces and reinforces introductory concepts in math and language arts.

The series covers all of the basics for success in PreK to Grade 2 and is perfect for year-round learning. The fun, challenging activities will supplement what children are learning in school, reinforcing their understanding of the subject matter and enhancing school performance. Each page features directions that teach and guide children through key areas of learning.

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Brand Thinking Kids
Product Detail Workbook
Series Fundamentals
Subjects Across the Curriculum
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