Spectrum Phonics Workbook

Grade 1 / Ages 6–7
160 pages
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The sound of a child reading is like music to a parent’s ears—so get your child started early with Spectrum® Phonics for grade 1! This best-selling language arts workbook uses progressive lessons, strategies, and practice to help children form words with letter sounds, pairs, and blends.

Understanding letter sounds is an essential piece to the reading proficiency puzzle. Spectrum Phonics for grade 1 guides children through consonant pairs, vowel pairs, end sounds, and vowel sounds. Filled with engaging exercises in a progressive format, this series provides an effective way to reinforce early language arts skills.

Mastering language arts is a long process—start with the basics. Spectrum Phonics is here to help children begin a successful journey to reading proficiency. With the help of this best-selling series, your child will improve early language arts skills with practice and activities that focus on phonics, structural analysis, and dictionary skills.

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Brand Spectrum
Product Detail Workbook
Series Spectrum
Subjects Language Arts
Topics Phonics; Spectrum Subject
ISBN13 9781483811826
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