Introducing Physical Science Resource Book

Grades 4–6 / Ages 9–12
128 pages
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Developed for students struggling with physical science, this 128-page resource book helps students in grades 4–6 explore the basic concepts of physical science.

Introducing Physical Science includes activities that cover topics such as:

  • graphing and interpreting graphed data
  • the use of scientific instruments to collect data
  • buoyancy
  • sound vibrations
  • temperature
  • gravity
  • magnetism

To supplement reading, the book includes specific directions that make multisyllabic words easier to understand and pronounce. The reading exercises are perfect for use at school and home, and the book supports National Science Education Standards.

UPC 044222199920
Brand Mark Twain Media
Product Detail Resource Book
Subjects Science
Topics Physical Science; Middle Grades
ISBN13 9781580374712
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