Jumpstarters for Geography Resource Book

Grades 4–8 / Ages 9–14
48 pages
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Take students in grades 4 and up on a field trip without leaving the classroom using Jumpstarters for Geography: Short Daily Warm-Ups for the Classroom.

Just for geography—the daily activities in this 48-page social studies resource book cover:

  • the regions of the United States
  • maps
  • state capitals
  • landmarks
  • nicknames
  • slogans
  • plants and animals
  • products and crops
  • history
  • physical features

Five to a page and reproducible, the exercises are perfect for warming up the class early in the day or for turning spare time at the end of class into a teachable moment. Answer keys and suggestions for use are also included.

  • Answer Key
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Brand Mark Twain Media
Product Detail Resource Book
Series Jumpstarters
Subjects Social Studies
Topics Map Skills & Geography; Middle Grades; Warm-Ups
ISBN13 9781580374019